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Secure Cloudlink

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The Digital Identity Provisioning Platform

Any User, Any Organisation, Any Data

Secure Cloudlink's Identity Management Platform enables organisatations to provide auditable and controlled access to internal systems without requiring complex integration between directory services.

Secure Cloudlink is a Cloud Service Brokerage (CSB) platform that allows organisations to manage their own digital identities to access heterogeneous clouds without storing or synchronising user credentials to 3rd party providers.

Secure Cloudlink solves the challenges of managing multiple identities across multiple directories, applications and locations.

Powerful Identity Management Tools for your Organisation

Federated Security


Establish new levels of trust by creating multiple federated access points to external organisations without users leaving their security networks.


  • Unique Encrypted Token Exchange
  • Federate Legacy Cloud & In-House Apps
  • Assign Internal Administration Roles to enable / disable user access

Single Sign-On


One single secure login to access a multitude of applications. Reduce IT service desk time by deploying your users with a customised Single login page to access their Cloud or legacy applications on all their devices.


  • Integrate legacy, cloud and database application stacks
  • Extend your own web based portals into SSO
  • Create a company branded SSO page for users to access their applications



Provision the delivery of cloud services straight to both your customers and internal users without the need for AD or domain creation.


  • Provision your cloud services suppliers to provide true IT as a service into your business user network
  • Deploy pre configured desktops to temporary staff
  • Federate access to your customers and users straight into your web portals
  • Give remote workers immediate access to their applications without clunky VPN set up and time outs

Centralised Management


A centralised cloud management dashboard for System Administrators, Enterprise managers and Supply chain management.


  • Configure new federation end points for customer and supplier access
  • Assign budget owners to manage spend and new application approval
  • Manage and provision application requests directly to customers

Marketplace Management


Distribute all the leading apps.

Showcase your products more effectively by helping your customers discover leading cloud services with a fully integrated interactive marketplace.


  • Single click search tools make finding products and categories easy and instant to find
  • Create new product launches and targeted campaigns to existing and prospective customers
  • Instant point of purchase tools allowing customer ‘subscribe’ option

Patented Security

Secure Cloudlink’s Federated and SSO Security is unlike others in the market because it does not send any user credentials outside of your organisations private network. Our solution utilises federated security and the standard based Security Assertation Markup language (SAML).

  • Eliminate password management budget
  • Lower regulatory compliance / audit costs
  • Lower cyber-security risk

Cloud Servers

At Proximitum our Dedicated Server Packages are designed to securely store and manage your data in our state-of-the-art data centre, meaning you no longer need to purchase, maintain and replace expensive hardware and related resources. Our dedicated server packages will be customised based upon your specific business needs. We provide system monitoring, advanced security, easy data access and recovery, with a no-downtime guarantee. Whether you are searching for a simple dedicated server or a complex managed hosting infrastructure, Proximitum can provide a server solution to suit your business. We provide managed services for your data storage, archives and recovery, so you can focus on your business at hand.

Proximitum's Hosting solutions provide the following benefits to your business

  • Reduced overheads and costs
  • Security Management
  • A high performance stable platform
  • Threat management, anti virus and patch
  • Multi OS Support

Contact us and one of our server specialists will be in touch to assess your requirements and how we can help you concentrate on your business not your IT.

Cloud Applications

Application hosting from Proximitum gives you access to Software as a Service (SaaS). This has an immediate benefit as you no longer need to purchase software as a product that you have to manage. Software as a Service (SaaS), also known as ‘application software provisioning’, is a managed application hosting approach that provides you with reduced business costs and flexibility in adding or reducing software licenses based on your business growth. You purchase a software licence, and not an actual copy of the software. With a Proximitum provided application hosting service we provide the software management, tracking, reporting and forecasting in line with the application provider's licensing model that best suits your business.

Using the Proximitum SaaS platform provides the following benefits to your business

  • Reducing capital expenditure
  • Flexible and scalable
  • Full support and management of installations, upgrades, availability and backups
  • Full Disaster Recovery Options
  • No hidden costs or sudden expenditure

Contact us and one of our specialists will be in touch to assess your requirements and how we can help you concentrate on your business not your IT.

Dedicated Infrastructure

We offer a variety of hosted infrastructure solutions based on your needs. Our solutions range from fully hosted through colocation of equipment, on-premise server management and often hybrid solutions with partial on-premise and partial hosted services . Proximitum listen to your needs and design solutions that fit with your requirements and can adapt to the changing IT landscape as your needs change. Our scalable, pay-as-needed options for virtual IT infrastructure include servers, desktops, applications, support, data management, security, system monitoring and more. We manage your equipment and virtual infrastructure allowing you to focus on your business. Proximitum provide and manage industry-leading cloud-based solutions for your IT needs.

Using a Proximitum managed Infrastructure provides the following benefits to your business

  • Resilient Infrastructure
  • Class leading firewall and threat management
  • Flexible and scalable solutions
  • Access anywhere systems amd services
  • Full disaster Recovery options

Contact us and one of our Infrastructure Architects can help assess your requirements and see how we can help you concentrate on your business not your IT.

Cloud Desktops

Proximitum's Hosted Desktop appears to users just like a standard Microsoft Windows desktop. The desktop has two main options dependent on the business requirement and can be either a desktop shell or a fully virtualised dedicated machine. In either case instead of the settings, data and operating system being stored on your local office PC, everything runs from a server in our secure state-of-the-art data centre. Each user is provided with their own Windows 7 Hosted Desktop that can be accessed from any machine or device with an internet connection. Users can access all of their files, data and applications from on the road, at home or even when meeting a client.

Using a Proximitum Hosted Desktop solution provides the following benefits to your business

  • Always available anywhere on any device
  • Reduced costs
  • Centralised backups and recovery
  • Fully resilient service
  • Flexible Working

Contact us and one of our Infrastructure Architects can help assess your requirements and see how we can help you concentrate on your business not your IT.